Teams of Our Lady

This is a movement of "married spirituality" which brings together Christian couples united by the Sacrament of Matrimony, who wish to deepen the graces of their Sacrament of Matrimony. Couples use a time-tested format to meet their needs and desires of growing closer in love and faith through Teams of Our Lady (TOOL). During the process they discover support for one another and for their marriage. Married couples are encouraged to join.

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It is an International Christian Community

  • of married couples meeting in Christ’s Name and in communion with the Church.
  • who witness God’s marvelous plan of love to the world around them.
  • and seek to live as the first Christians of whom it was said: “See how they love one another!”
  • Teams is not a scripture study group or a Marian movement. Mary, the Mother of God, is the patron of Teams.

It is a way

  • To grow in love of God and each other a little more each day.
  • Aided by the mutual help and support of other similar minded couples that gather monthly to share a meal, pray, and study.
  • To thus better follow the One who assured us that: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

Why as a couple?

Because God has entrusted you to each other through the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Because when your response is made in unison it deeply affects:

  • The quality of your love
  • Your children
  • All whom you meet

Why with other couples?

Because as a Team there is more strength. In a world where fidelity is no longer esteemed, meeting with others who value married life can bring joy and hope to all. TOOL is open to couples who are in a marriage recognized by the Church. Only one spouse needs to be Catholic.

For more information visit our website or contact Mike and Beatrice Towns at 713.805.4635.

The Origin of Teams of Our Lady

In 1939 four young couples approached their parish priest, Father Henri Caffarel, and asked his help in exploring the richness and joy of their Sacrament of Matrimony. From these simple beginnings TOOL has grown to a worldwide movement, present on all continents of the world and involving about 4,000 couples in the United States. The formal charter for the Movement was adopted on December 8, 1947. It is recognized by the Holy See as an Association of Faithful of Private Right under the Pontifical Council for the Laity. The Movement is guided by an International Responsible Team in concert with a College of Super-Regional Couples who serve their various countries.

Since its beginning the purpose of the Movement has remained the same: to help each couple discover, in and through their sacrament of Matrimony, the riches and joy of married love as a part of God's plan and a path to holiness.

In May 1970, Pope Paul VI addressed the International Congress of Teams of Our Lady. The address is called "Love, Marriage and the Church."

"The union of man and woman...constitutes a singular reality that is the couple, founded on the mutual gift of the one to the other..." (Art 5) ... the gift is not a fusion, strictly speaking ... Love is, in fact, the cement that gives solidarity to this community life, and the driving spirit which leads it to ever more perfect fulfillment." (Art 6)

In January 2009, Pope Benedict XVI held a private audience with the International Leadership Couples of Teams gathered in Rome, urging their continued work with married spirituality.

The Spirit of TOOL

TOOL is not an end in itself, but a means that exists for the benefit of its members. It encourages its members to pray and share together, help one another grow in knowledge and love of the Lord; and to bear witness to that love. TOOL does not impose a particular type of spirituality on its members. The Movement simply seeks to help its members advance, as a couple, along the path shown by Christ.

How Does it Work?

A key feature of the TOOL method is the monthly meeting that consists of:

  • A simple meal
  • Community prayer
  • A time of sharing
  • A discussion on a study topic

To promote personal and couple spiritual growth, TOOL proposes that its members undertake a number of specific practices called "endeavors." These endeavors aim to keep couples focused on growth in mutual love and love of God. The Team provides the support and encouragement needed to persevere.

The six Endeavors are:

  • Regular reading of the Word of God
  • Daily personal prayer
  • Daily prayer as a couple
  • A monthly time for couple dialogue in an atmosphere of prayer
  • Personal effort for improvement
  • An annual retreat