Religious Education for Children

"Parents are the most influential agents of catechesis for their children. They have a unique responsibility for the education of their children; they are the first educators, or catechists." – NDC, 54.C

Sacramental Preparation

For Sacramental Preparation, starting in first grade, all children are required to complete a two-year formation program. The only exception to this requirement is if your child is currently attending Catholic school, in which case he/she may only attend one year of preparation for First Communion.

To register for Sacramental Preparation you will need to fill out a registration form, pay the enrollment fee, and submit a copy of your child's baptism certificate at the time of enrollment. The Baptism Certificate should be an original copy or have us personally make a copy of the certificate so we can verify the seal.

We will have several parent meetings and family retreats during the year to give you the necessary tools to aid your children to be better prepared for this important sacrament, so please make sure to mark your calendars to be present at these meetings as there are no make ups.

pdf CCE 2018-2019 Calendar  (203 KB)

SAC I and SAC II Explained

Our SAC I and SAC II Classes are modified versions of our sacramental preparation for those children entering second, third, or fourth grade that have not yet started their sacramental preparation. Sacramental Preparation usually begins in first grade and leads into first communion in second grade. However, if your child did not start his/hers preparation during these years, we can offer an alternate program where your child will be placed with children their own age and be able to complete his/her sacrament within the required two years. Therefore, if your child falls in this category and begins his/her first year formation he/she will enroll in SAC I class, and if he/she is in their second year of formation he/she should enroll in SAC II. After the completion of the sacrament they can be placed in their corresponding grades to continue their faith formation.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children

Children between the ages of seven and 11, who have not been baptized are invited to enter the Rite of Christian Initiation for children process. RCIA stands for the "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults" and is a process of conversion for unbaptized adults wishing to enter the church. RCIA adapted for children prepares the child to celebrate all three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) during the Easter season. This is also two-year process and is a combination of age-appropriate religious education, sacramental preparation and rites of the catechumen.