Construction Corner


We want to thank all those who attended our groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, May 17, 2019, and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.


The temporary parking lot for contractor employees in the northeast corner of our campus was scheduled to be completed by Friday, May 24, 2019. If that lot is not available for parishioners to park during Mass this weekend, rest assured that it will be by next weekend. Vehicular access will be on Fairview and pedestrian access will be on Shepherd. For families with children or elderly parishioners, we suggest that you drop off family members via the circle drive directly in front of the church and then park your car in the temporary lot. Please be careful when walking on the gravel.  


Two Live Oak trees previously located just west of the Parish Center were moved to their new locations inside the Circle Drive last week. Don’t they look great?


Demolition of the gymnasium is scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 28, 2019, and will take almost a full week. Demolition of La Casita and the Guild Building will commence immediately afterwards. This past week Vaughn Construction has been painstakingly identifying the locations of all chilled water lines, electrical lines, and other utilities that extend across the playing fields and below our current parking lots. It is critical that all such lines be accurately located before excavation begins.



Installation of construction fencing commenced on Tuesday which results in a significant decrease in the number of on-campus parking spaces.  If you had difficulty finding a place to park, please accept our apologies.  We hope that by next weekend (May 25-26, 2019) the temporary parking for contractor personnel will be completed and available for parishioners to use on Saturdays and Sundays.  This temporary parking lot will be located on the northeast side of our campus with vehicular access off Fairview and pedestrian access off Shepherd.  For families with children or elderly parishioners, we might suggest that you drop off family members via the circle drive directly in front of the church and then park your car in the temporary lot.  Fortunately, this temporary lot will actually provide more parking spaces than the number of surface lot spaces that will be lost due to construction activities.  However, it will be a bit longer of a walk from your vehicle to the pew.

For the convenience of St. Anne visitors during the work week, we have instructed all church and school employees to use specific on-campus parking spaces that are located the longest distance from the Parish Center, Sanctuary, and Parish Office Building.  As such, those parking places closest to the Porte-cochere will be available for weekday church visitors.

Relocation of the trees that are being moved to the Circle Drive area should be completed by this weekend.


Construction on the new Commons Building and parking garage will be getting underway soon.  Safety fencing may be installed as early as Monday, May 13. There will be a noticeable impact on parking.  

Groundbreaking is scheduled for May 17 at 9:00 a.m.  

Vaughn’s construction trailer is now on site and should be fully operational by next week.

Although we are breaking ground, we still have an additional $7 million to raise.

We will keep you advised by announcements, the Bulletin,, and the weekly Flocknote emails.  

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