ALIVE is a post-Confirmation youth ministry program.  5-10 teens will come together and form a discipleship community committed to continuing their faith formation.  The teens will be able to help plan the themes and topics and a catechist will facilitate. Groups will celebrate Mass together, participate in discussions, study of God's Word and the mission of the Church.

Indeed, they must not teach their own wisdom but the wisdom of God, which often appears to be foolishness in the eyes of the world (cf. I Cor 1: 23).

The Church knows well that Christ lives in the Sacred Scriptures. For this very reason - as the Constitution stresses - she has always venerated the divine Scriptures in the same way as she venerates the Body of the Lord (cf. Dei Verbum, n. 21).


You may print and return the required documents:  pdf Alive Registration (136 KB)  •  pdf Alive Registration Spanish (138 KB)