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Welcome to St. Anne Catholic Community
We, the Catholic Community of St. Anne, aspire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. We foster holiness by encouraging each other on our journey of faith. We seek the Kingdom of God as a Eucharistic community. We witness the presence of the living Christ by our profound hospitality, respect and love for all.
From the beginning, St. Anne was not only conceived as a place of prayer and worship, but also, like the great churches of the Middle Ages, as a beautiful structure which, in the wealth of its architectural features, would speak to the faithful of the wealth of their Christian heritage.
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The Story of Saint Anne.
Our Parish Namesake

St. Anne Catholic Community • Basilian Fathers Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
2140 Westheimer • Houston, Texas 77098-1496 • 713.526.3276 •
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Our Mission
This schedule for Mass is subject to change. For changes to Mass times and Holy Days of Obligation, please refer to the Church Bulletin.
7:30AM, 9AM, 11AM and 5PM
Español 12:45PM y 7 PM

Monday -Friday
7AM and 12 Noon

Español: Miercoles: 7:30PM
1er viernes del mes: 7:30PM

8:15AM and 5:30PM (Sunday Vigil)
Fr. Alvin A. Sinasac, CSB, Pastor
Fr. René Espejel, CSB;
Fr. Jay F. Walsh, CSB,
Deacon Jean-Paul Budinger
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Dear Friends,
I invite you to join St. Anne Church and Handbell Choirs on an exciting
11-day journey to the “Best of Spain.” We will embark on this trip through
Spain including Barcelona, Montserrat, Zaragoza, Sigüenza, Toledo, El
Escorial Monastery, Avila, Segovia and Madrid.

Please consider joining us as we discover the beauty and wonders of
Spain, while we deepen our faith and the bonds of charity with each other.

For more information please click here.

St. Anne Parish Children's Choir Registration
St. Anne Ministry Fair
on the weekend of
Saturday, August 29 and
Sunday August 30, 2015.